Vacation Watch

Vacation Watch

The Newton Police Department offers a service to the community that provides for officers to periodically check your residence when you are out of town. You can stop by the police department and fill out a Vacation Watch Request or you may call in your request by telephone. The following information is needed:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date you are leaving
  4. Date you will be returning
  5. Emergency Contact Information
  6. Name and number of your alarm company
  7. Will there be lights on in the house? Location and are they on timers?
  8. Will there be vehicles in the driveway? Provide color, make, model, license plate number.
  9. Will someone be checking on the house or accessing the house while you are away?

Remember to stop your mail and any newspaper deliveries.

The Newton Police Department will make every effort to visually inspect your premises during your absence however, by making this request you hereby acknowledge that this service creates no special duty on the part of the Newton Police Department and that the service will be provided only as time is available. Further, by making this request, you expressly understand that there is no guarantee made or assurance given by the Town of Newton or its employees against loss, theft or damage to the premises.

Download the Vacation Watch Request (pdf).