Chief of Police



Chief Michael Jewett started his career with the City of Newburyport as a Communications Officer. Realizing that his calling was to be a police officer, in 1998 Chief Jewett attended the Massachusetts part-time Police Academy. In 2002 he had the opportunity to apply to the Newton Police Department and was hired in April 2002. He completed the New Hampshire Police Academy in 2002 and graduated with the 128th class.

Over the next fourteen years of service, Chief Jewett rose through the ranks achieving Patrolman 1st class, ┬áMaster Patrolman and Corporal before becoming a Sergeant in July 2007. During his service has been the School Resource Officer, served as the Department’s Prosecutor, Training Officer, Rape Aggression Defense Instructor (RAD), has overseen administrative day to day operations and helped strengthen community oriented policing. In June 2016, following the retirement of Chief Streeter, then Sergeant Jewett was appointed as the full time Chief of the Town of Newton. Chief Jewett has fully dedicated himself to the Town and people of Newton by forming lasting bonds within the community that he serves.