Citizen Complaint Procedure

The goal of the Newton, NH Police Department is to improve the quality of services provided, to promote a high level of public confidence, and to enhance and maintain the professional integrity of the department and its members.

A formal procedure to receive, document, and investigate all citizen complaints allows the department to monitor and enforce standards. This procedure is also the administrative statement that behavior deviating from these adopted standards will not be tolerated. With a meaningful and effective procedure for handling citizen complaints, we believe citizen confidence in the integrity of the department and its employees will be achieved and maintained.

Any citizen may file a complaint against the police department or any of its members. Complaints may be filed if you believe a police officer employed by the Town of Newton has violated a department rule, town ordinance, state or federal law, or standards of acceptable conduct. This is to advise you of the procedure that will occur after your complaint is filed.

Any person filing charges against any member of the Newton Police Department must file the original copy of the complaint with the Chief of Police, unless the complaint is filed against the Chief, in which case the complaint will be filed with the Town Administrator.

You are encouraged to submit the complaint in writing and to use the Citizens Complaint Form, Department Statement Form, or any other written format you deem appropriate. The complaint should include the following: the name of the person filing the complaint; the names of witnesses, if any; the name or other identification of the person being complained about; the facts which give rise to the complaint including the date and time of the alleged offense, and the signature of the person filing the complaint. Please include as much information as possible when completing the Complaint/Statement Form. If you desire assistance in completing the Complaint Form, please contact the Chief of Police.

The complaint will be reviewed by the Chief of Police who will conduct an investigation. The Chief of Police will take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation. The person filing the complaint will then be notified in writing as to the results. The Chief of Police will brief the Board of Selectmen on the results of the investigation and the action taken.

All complaints will be handled as confidentially as possible while allowing for a complete and thorough investigation. Anonymous complaints will be accepted and investigated to the best of our ability, however, please keep in mind that anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate and are less likely to be resolved.

The Newton Police Department endeavors to maintain and promote a high level of trust and confidence with our community.

Thank you for your assistance in this regard.

A complaint form can be requested by telephone, mail, in person, or downloaded, below:

Download Citizen Complaint form (pdf).