The Newton Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.  The department seeks men and women of good character who are committed, and who  possess a strong desire for community service, enhancement, and betterment.  Applicants are encouraged to take the Great Bay Police Testing Alliance exam.   

Great Bay Police Testing Alliance exam

Forms to download:

  1. be at least 18 years of age;
  2. be a United States citizen;
  3. have obtained a high school diploma or New Hampshire General Educational Develop (G.E.D.) certificate;
  4. pass an NCIC and fingerprint check;
  5. pass a character and background check;
  6. never have had a felony conviction in any state or country or in the military service which has not been pardoned;
  7. not have multiple misdemeanor or violation convictions so as to indicate a disregard for the law;
  8. not have a misdemeanor conviction which has not been pardoned, and which is serious enough to cast doubt on his/her fitness to be a police officer, or which resulted in a serious bodily injury to another person;
  9. not suffer from a serious mental disorder;
  10. not have been dishonorably discharged from the military services;
  11. not have been discharged under other than honorable conditions if the conditions would cast doubt on his/her fitness to be a police officer;
  12. not knowingly make a material false statement in the application process;
  13. not have been suspended or discharged by an employer for reasons which would cast doubt on his/her fitness to be a police officer;
  14. not use illegal drugs or have a past history of illegal drug use which would cast doubt on his/her fitness to be a police officer;
  15. not have a history if illegal drug use, or use legal drugs or alcohol to excess;
  16. not have ever illegally manufactured, transported for sale, or sold a controlled substance;
  17. within 36 months of application, not have illegally used a controlled substance other than marijuana, unless under the age of 21 at the time, in which case 24 months shall apply;
  18. not have used marijuana within 12 months of application;
  19. not have ever illegally used a controlled substance while employed in a law enforcement capacity;
  20. not have been discharged or allowed to resign in lieu of discharge for reasons of moral character or moral turpitude for acts or omissions of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to doubt his/her honesty, integrity, etc.;
  21. be of good general character and reputation in the community;
  22. not have his/her police certification suspended or revoked in any jurisdictions.
  23. pass a physical examination by a licensed physician who attests he/she is able to engage in a rigorous program of physical training;
  24. pass the Council’s pre-entrance physical agility test, in order to be admitted to the NH Police Training Academy.